Why you will LOVE the Ginger Beer Served at TapShack


Here at TapShack, Ginger Beer takes the spotlight as one of our primary probiotic beverages.  You can always find OB Original Ginger on tap, as well as a rotating seasonal flavor (Apple Cinnamon, Persimmon, etc.) 

Ginger Beer is loaded with nutrients that give powerful health benefits to your body. To name a few, Ginger Beer aids in digestion, treats nausea and is loaded with antioxidants, probiotics, and amino acids. Ginger Beer also promotes detoxification and removes toxins within the body. 

THE DIFFERENCE- Between TapShack served Ginger Beer and the traditional, big-brand ginger beers you can find in the store.

Lets start with our brewer:  Moonglade Ginger Beer- based out of Oceanside, CA.  These guys really know what they are doing!!  They are passionate and respectful of the origin of traditional ginger beer brewing- you can literally taste the love that they put into every single batch.  Here is why we only source our Ginger Beer from these guys:

  1. SUGAR content- The average 8oz can in the store can contain up to 40-45 grams of non-organic, synthetic sugars.  The Ginger Beer served at TapShack caps off at 17 grams of Organic Cane Sugar per 12oz pour.  Less sugar and more ginger beer? Organic instead of synthetic? Yes please!  
  2. LIVE culture- Our overachieving brewer packs his ginger beer with beneficial probiotics from yeast and bacteria culture that is added during the fermentation process.
  3. NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING OR PRESERVATIVES- This is not flavored soda or juice- this is authentic, traditional, fermented Ginger Beer. No artificial flavors, no artificial coloring.  
  4. ORGANIC WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS- No, there is not a list of huge words and chemicals that you can't pronounce on this ingredient list.  Ginger Beer served at TapShack consists of FIVE, all organic, wholesome ingredients that are both pronounceable and familiar.

One sip is all it will take for you to see why this Ginger Beer goes above and beyond every other one that you have tried.  If we haven't made you a Ginger Beer fan yet, come on in and give it a try!


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  • I just loved reading all your blogs! This is so cool and so inspiring. I really cannot wait to come check it out. I need to get my booty out of Alpine and come try this stuff. Congrats guys!!

    Sydnee Mauzy

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